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Multi-channel marketing utilizes many different marketing channels to reach a customer. Carol Ann Marketing can help you reach customers by direct mail, text messaging, web sites, e-mail, door to door campaigns and newspaper advertisements. We can help you construct your optimum marketing mix and design your marketing campaign from concept to completion. First, we can target the right prospects, by analyzing your customer list or suggesting the appropriate list to purchase. Next, we can assist you in determining the best marketing channel, or combination of, to target. Finally, we can handle all of your requirements to complete the implementation of your campaign. For a detailed list of services, please click here.

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If you run a business that caters mostly to people in your geographic area, door hangers can be a very good investment. When someone sees a door hanger on their door, they are almost certainly going to take a look at it. Many businesses do not even think about these as a possible tool, but you should.

Door-to-door advertising is traditionally less expensive than direct mail, therefore, it can be a good choice for budget conscious companies.

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